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Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, [and] I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.  Jeremiah 1:5
I've noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born.  ~ Ronald Reagan
These pictures of 21 week old Samuel Armas do truly speak a thousand words.
Here is a link that describes the conditions under which the veteran photojournalist Michael Clancy, hired by USA Today, who turned "pro-life activist" as a result, took these photos.  Here is the little hand in action.

Here is a photo of Samuel Armas and a Fox News interview from 2009.

A recent poll found that a new majority of 51% of women are opposed to abortion except in extreme cases of incest or rape (poll taken by Faye Wattleton former head of Planned Parenthood for 14 years).


At 8 weeks gestation, babies are able to kick and straighten their legs, turn them round and move their arms up and down.
At 10 weeks gestation, they can move their arms and legs with a range of movements that are fluid and supple.
At 12 weeks babies can stretch, kick and leap around the womb - well before the mother can feel movement.
At 18 weeks they can open their eyes although most doctors thought eyelids were fused until 26 weeks.
At 22 weeks gestation babies are capable of fine hand and finger movements. In a short space of time this baby scratches, rubs and pats his cheek before doing the same to his nose.
From 26 weeks, they appear to exhibit a whole range of typical baby behavior and moods, including scratching, smiling, crying, hiccupping, and sucking.


  If you are pregnant and don't know where to turn you can contact organizations such as His Caring Place and young moms in a struggle can try the Sheridan House.  You don't have to feel alone.  For those suffering under the weight of post-abortion trauma please click any link in this sentence.  There is no need for you to proceed further on this page.  If you are the victim of an abortionist or have otherwise been involved in one or more of these procedures please remember that God still loves you.  God is ready and willing to forgive you right now.  He also has a plan for your life, so why not ask Him what that plan is?  It should come as no surprise that the popular media debate regarding abortion refuses to discuss the permanent psychological after-effects on the lives of the women and men that are involved in abortions.  It is a shame that so many today make this decision on their own as young people.  Science has recently shown that until the age of 22-26 years of age our brains are not fully mature, especially in terms of being able to separate our emotions from our intellect.  No doubt many young people make this a cold and secular based decision, often with the prompting of others, only to realize after it is too late that it will haunt them the rest of their life.  For anyone to suggest that a woman would feel the same about her abortion at the age of 30, and then at the age of 60, as she did at the age of 16 is ridiculous.

Part 2 of the video


In true mainstream media fashion the popular media have spiked the news that Norma McCorvey, who was "Jane Roe" of Roe vs. Wade, and Sandra Cano who was "Mary Doe" in Doe vs. Bolton which was a companion case, have both filed motions in Federal court to set aside the landmark U.S. Supreme Court's 1973 ruling in their cases.

The abortion industry profiteers and abortion radicals and the "mainstream" media would like to have you believe that this is a "women's issue", but if that is the case then why is a new majority of 51% of women opposed to abortion except in extreme cases of incest or rape?

Roe vs Wade was, of course, one of the greatest Federal usurpations of State powers in the history of our Republic.


Here is a link to The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (warning this site contains some rather graphic pictures, images, of abortion victims, that is, aborted children or babies).  Also to  1 IN 3 KIDS IN THE U.S. ARE KILLED BEFORE THEY ARE BORN.  Why not invite the Center for Bio-ethical Reform's genocide awareness project or Mini GAP to your campus?  Does anybody really think we won't be judged as a people, and as a nation, for this?

This link takes you to "Silent Scream" where you can view an in depth video explanation, and if you choose graphic videos of abortion procedures.  Or choose a video from

According to former surgeon general Dr. Koop, partial-birth abortion (diagrammatic video) is never medically necessary to protect a mother's life. In fact women who undergo this procedure stand the risk of uterine rupture, abruption, amniotic fluid embolus, trauma to the uterus, iatrogenic laceration, secondary hemmorage, and infertility. According to Dr. Martin Haskell, an abortionist who has performed more than 1,000 partial-birth abortions, about 80 percent that he performs are done for "purely elective" reasons. The other 20 percent are done for "genetic reasons," which includes such non-life-threatening conditions as having a cleft palate or Down's Syndrome.  Here is the congressional testimony of a nurse who was involved in three of Dr. Martin Haskell's partial-birth procedures.  Warren Hern, MD, abortion practitioner and author of Abortion Procedure commented, "I have very serious reservations about this procedure...You really can't defend it...I would dispute any statement that this is the safest procedure to use." The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists [ACOG] released a Statement of Policy on January 12, 1997, stating: "A select panel convened by ACOG could identify no circumstances under which this procedure...would be the only option to save the life or preserve the health of the woman."


The term "Partial-Birth Abortion" is a legal term of art that had to be defined by congress because the Supreme Court, for example, had struck down a state law, their ruling being based on the vagueness of the definition of D&E.  When the PBA ban was discussed under the Clinton/Gore government, they attempted, along with abortion industry profiteers, to obfuscate the truth by using vague terms such as "Late-Term Abortion" D&E, and intact D&E (perhaps the most similar medical term) to add confusion, in order to weaken or break the ban and/or the final law.  For more details click here.  Considering the pain that this causes the living and never-anesthetized child, could you ever imagine that in a Kansas survey (only state that keeps such records) of abortionists in 1998 and the first 3 quarters of 1999, 273 out of 273 PBAs were performed purely to "preserve the mental health of the mother"?


There are other solutions to abortion.  Every year millions of parents desiring to adopt a child are left empty handed.  It is unimaginable to me that so many in our country see nothing wrong with, and even condone, the continuing abortion of millions of unborn innocents in Babylon, especially since so many women's lives are destroyed by carrying the guilt of having killed their babies.  One third of pregnancies in the U.S. are terminated by abortion.


From the "belly of the beast" (Planned Parenthood) "Research studies indicate that emotional responses to legally induced abortion are largely positive. They also indicate that emotional problems resulting from abortion are rare and less frequent than those following childbirth (Adler, 1989)."  Apparently those at Planned Parenthood haven't read the testimonies of women who are suffering a lifetime of guilt as contrasted to short term postpartum depression.


Over 3,280 abortions are performed on an average day in the Babylon that the U.S. has become.
Is it about money?  You decide.  "letís examine the profits of Planned Parenthood, the nationís most prominent provider of so-called ďabortion rights,Ē as revealed in its 2003-04 Annual Report.
Planned Parenthood clinics performed 244,628 surgical abortions, an increase of 6.1 percent. A total of 3.5 million surgical abortions have been performed at PP clinics since 1970.
Planned Parenthood clinics grossed $302.6 million last year, with $104 million coming from surgical abortions.
Total PP income for the year was $810 million, with one-third of that, or $265.2 million, coming from public funds given by our elected officials.
The PP organization has earned net profits for the past 18 years in a row, totaling $538 million."


The arguments in favor of abortion often seem to fail logic.  For example, one of the most common arguments is that "no one has the right to tell a woman what she can do with her body".  This seems peculiar since we do exactly that by not allowing women to shoot heroin, snort cocaine, or smoke marijuana, nor engage in prostitution or suicide. Additionally, abortion has little to do with the woman's body.  Abortion involves the killing of a completely separate and distinct human being for which the mother is merely one of two genetic contributors, and host. Even a secular view could allow the child the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness under our Bill of Rights, or the 14th amendment to our Constitution, especially since under English common law, which is the basis of our laws, a "person" refers  to the moment of conception.  "Since it has not yet been proven that a human fetus is not human life, abortion is exactly the same as giving the death penalty to a person who has not been proven guilty."


Some people self-righteously suggest that we should allow abortion to preserve the "health of the mother".  In the Kansas State statistics for 1998 and 1999, 273 out of 273, or 100%, of the partial-birth abortions were performed for the mother's "mental health".  In other words, allowing exclusions for the "health of the mother" is EXACTLY EQUAL to abortion on demand at any point during the term of pregnancy, including fully mature.


As far as any excuse of rights to privacy to be found in the 14th amendment to our constitution, if our courts were in the least interested in our privacy, Woodrow Wilson's invasive, Robin Hood style income tax, and the IRS, would be abolished and our constitutional taxes in the form of duties would be restored.  If this is about "women's rights" (even though the majority are against abortion) what about the rights of the woman-to-be in the womb?


For some, the debate centers around how late in a child's development an abortion should be performed.  There are perhaps as many opinions within the abortionist community as there are people that speak to it.  To suggest, for example, that abortion should not be performed after the second trimester, would be to suggest the interesting notion that on one day it would be legal to kill the baby, and on the next it might be considered a crime, even though "the day" could never be precisely determined.  The baby pictured above is, incidentally, is well below the upper threshold of being a second trimester baby at 21 weeks (just past the 20 week threshold of when PBAs are generally performed), and in the most honest and modern sense would be considered to be "viable".


The birth of a baby is a relative non-event in the development of the person.  The child is simply a day older, and receives his/her oxygen from the air, and food orally.  His/her vision and hearing are barely changed from the day before. The moment of conception is, however, a very different event.  It is at this moment that the entire genetic composition of this human being is developed, including genes that will improve or limit physical skills as well as produce ailments and even perhaps addictions that this person will develop much later in adult life.  It is obvious then that from this moment of conception the person is whole, including their soul, and all that's left is for he/she to grow larger, and then older, and hopefully wiser.  


If you have children at an age where they or their peers could be sexually active you need to show them the terrific videos by Pam Stenzel before they ruin their lives.  One of the videos was produced for public school viewing and is titled "Time to Wait for Sex" or you can get the Christian version titled "Sex Has a Price Tag".  If you have grown children and you simply care about the kids in your neighborhood, buy one and take it to your local school principle.  One in four sexually active teens are carrying STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) many of which have no symptoms.  Pregnant teenagers are found to have an average of 2.5 STDs each.  Pam, incidentally, is a survivor of a botched abortion.


 As far as who bears the responsibility for abortion perhaps it could be viewed more or less the way our courts view a contract killing.  Our courts will often be lenient on the trigger-man in order to get cooperation in prosecuting the person that actually did the hiring of the killer. The contractor will generally be judged more harshly because the crime would never have been committed if this person hadn't hired it to be done.  

The abortionist often has limited medical skills that preclude him from performing healing medicine.  Greed may also play a pivotal role since some abortion clinics find it lucrative to traffic in aborted baby parts in combination with their profit from performing abortions.  Might it follow then that God will judge the judges that provide the abortionist his job more harshly than the abortionist?  Where might this place God's judgment of politicians that hire the judges, and citizens that through their vote hire the politicians and judges, that maintain laws that result in 1.2 million incidents of abortion each year for a total of over 44 million since 1973?  Because of the convenience of the procedure today 1 in 3 pregnancies in the U.S. are terminated through abortion.  

The mother is probably more often than not the victim of organizations like Planned Parenthood's genocidal beliefs and value systems, that she considers under duress, with bad advice from Planned Parenthood, "friends"and even selfish, short-sighted and ego driven parents.  The mother, however, is the one who will pay for her mistake the rest of her life, unless perhaps she is a reprobate.  To pretend that a woman will remain comfortable with her decision to abort her child would require us to pretend that we don't mature.  That perhaps something we may decide is right as a young person, in the moment, we may later on through further maturation realize was tragically wrong.

How did Ronald Reagan weigh in on abortion?


This was written in the '04 election season.
 Barack Obama even voted against a ban on live birth abortion, or killing a live born baby, in other words infanticide.  Both Kerry and Edwards voted against the ban on partial-birth abortion.  They also favor minor children being allowed abortions without their parents consent, and voted for schools to be able to administer RU 486 without parental consent, in spite of the drug's dangers, even though schools otherwise have to contact parents to administer a simple aspirin.  Kerry would have removed limits on fetal stem cell use for research, so perhaps a new cottage industry could have sprung up where women could have gotten pregnant and sold their children for dissection at stem cell centers.  As long as the democrat party is pro-death their losses will mount.  One in three pregnancies in the U.S. are terminated in abortion.  In a recent poll 51% of women, a new majority, are anti-abortion in all but extreme cases.


Update as of '07 there are only 28 pro-life democrat members of the house. A vote for a democrat is a vote for abortion.
It has been seventeen years since a single pro-life speaker has been allowed to address the democrat convention.  They did have one speaker booked in 1992, for the wee hours of the morning, but she was cancelled at the last minute.  Governor Bob Casey couldn't get scheduled. Pro-life democrats have dwindled from about half of congressional democrats to only, and an ever-shrinking, 15% of the party's congressional office holders today, with none in positions of power. No matter what the reason is that a person votes for a democrat, abortion is therefore mandatory baggage that cannot be separated, since only one view is allowed any power in this party.

I always refer to it as the democrat party since based on one sided, intolerant, tiny tent conventions, there doesn't seem to be anything democratic about it. It is run by the NEA and radical feminists.  In 1998 they did add back into their platform language stating that individual members have "a right to abide by their individual conscience on this issue".  Isn't that generous of them to confer upon their members the right to think for themselves and abide by their consciences!

This language was included because of the party's disastrous losses in 1994.  In 1994 not a single congressperson who ran on a strong pro-life platform lost and not a single congressperson who ran on a strong pro-abortion platform won.  Additionally the dems can afford that language now because pro-life members in their party are powerless and near extinct.  There is no tolerance within this party for anyone who defends the rights of the unborn.  Consider the Bush judge appointees that the Democrats unconscionably filibustered against simply because they openly display their Judeo-Christian values and are not pro-abortion. The abortionist needs the judge and politician, and the judge and politician need the voter.  


Would it follow then that every vote for every democrat is a vote in favor of the ongoing killing of unborn innocents, since none that are in the tiny 15% pro-life group of democrat politicians have any positions of power in this party? If you don't believe that the term "pro-life democrat" is oxymoronic try a Yahoo search for them.  It might be little wonder since even many worldly churches approve of abortion.  God's judgment is at hand.  How will God judge those that continue to vote in favor of the continuing killing of the unborn?  How will God judge those that simply remain silent on this issue?


If you are a democrat, or have otherwise been pro-abortion you don't have to continue to be party to this.  If you want to begin to make up for past abortion complicity, or even apathy, you could start by supporting the National Right to Life organization, His Caring Place, and Sheridan House.  You could also vote the Constitution Party.  Even a vote for a republican is a vote in favor of continuing debate on the subject, but a vote for a democrat is a vote for abortion and intolerance of any other point of view.


Can you imagine that congress would even need to pass a bill requiring abortion clinics to tell prospective mothers that their child will feel pain when it is aborted?  DaaAaa. "Dr. Sunny Anand stated, 'The highest density of pain receptors per square inch of skin in human development occurs in utero from 20 to 30 weeks' gestation,' meaning that an unborn child feels heightened pain during that time because the epidermis is still thin and nerve fibers are close to the surface."


Quoting abortionist Dr. Martin Haskell again: "Classic D&E, or dilation and extraction, is accomplished by dismembering the fetus inside the uterus with instruments and removing the pieces through an adequately dilated cervix.  However most surgeons find dismemberment at 20 weeks and beyond to be difficult due to the toughness of the fetal tissues at this stage of development....".  Remember that the little shaver pictured above is just 21 weeks old.