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I have decided that I should include a bit about my purpose in publishing this site since I have read some speculation in that regard.  First, I am not a wirehead and have no idea even what HTML is, or how exactly it is that what I write winds up on your screen.  I am able to post what you observe here from a user friendly website software "wizard" being conveyed through a "host".  Most internet providers provide limited hosting for free so anybody can do it.  Clearly, since there is no related advertisement or commercial interest, the most I can hope for personally as a result of expressing my opinions is to receive retribution from those who disagree, so there is obviously no compelling reason for my having published this for personal gain.  In other words it might be most accurate to view this site as my personal information warehouse with an open door, and invitation, to you.

My Christian curiosity and subsequent journey to faith was rekindled by Jack Van Impe in the early to mid 1990s and prophetic portions of scripture have remained among my favorite studies.   Unfortunately I then attended the Episcopal Church for many years as a compromise church with my wife.  Indeed the original purpose, and the first page published, was devoted to analysis of the tragic decisions made by a slim 60% majority of the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church U.S.A., because these decisions not only had a very real impact on my immediate family, but obviously promised deep divisions within the ECUSA itself, which have clearly come to pass, and today fester perhaps even more intensely, than at any time since I published the "Episcopalians" page in September of 2003.

Wonderfully, when I felt as though I had little choice but to leave the Episcopal Church in August of '03, the Sunday after the ordination of Bishop Gene Robinson, God led me to Calvary Chapel where I eventually began a completely new life in Jesus Christ and a new, very personal relationship and walk with my Lord and Savior.  Today my view of bible prophecy is the traditional continuous-historic context (but not Catholic bashing) for both Old and New Testaments, as opposed to the biblically unsupportable doctrines of futurism or (partial)preterism.  

Therefore, my most important purpose today is to convey what a wonderfully transformed life I enjoy because of my friend and constant companion Jesus Christ.  I was born again in November of 2003 and was baptized in the Atlantic Ocean in July of 2004.  I desperately want for everyone who visits this site to have the same kind of relationship.  Whether Jesus Christ gathers His elect today, or whether today is the day that we suffer a fatal car accident, now is the time to repent.  The Bible describes our life here on earth as but a vapor - a shadow.  We will ALL spend eternity somewhere.  Each one of us has to decide whether we want to spend it in the smoking or non-smoking section.

Pages on this site are also devoted to discussion of latter day events and the end of the age.

Additionally I found publishing the Babylon Today site useful to preserve links and emails that I wanted to share with friends, and then couldn't remember who I sent what to, or even lost the bookmarks to email or browser failure.  This site offers me an opportunity to organize them and also provides a remote server on which they are stored.  

This site is also intended to provoke thought regarding the phony money driven, hedonistic socialist state that the U.S. has become, and consideration of the immorality of government confiscation and redistribution of wealth of which the effects were so clearly demonstrated by the Soviet Union and other communist states before us.  This is particularly heinous through income taxation when our citizens are enslaved by a promise of imprisonment for a "crime" as minor as willful failure to file a tax return.

If I can inspire a young couple to reconsider the wisdom of going deeper into credit card debt, in order to buy the next Chinese gewgaw that they don't need, I will be satisfied.  Proverbs 22:7 The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower [is] servant to the lender.

Maybe one spouse can ask the other "Honey, do you really think we should be betting the roof over our head that the stock market will rise?"  This is basically what you are doing if you are carrying a mortgage and stock market "investments" simultaneously, especially with the stock market stubbornly remaining near historically high valuations.

Or maybe the question begs "Honey do we really want to risk our retirement in the stock market?  What will we have to make in stock market profits, if we loose 25% of our investment, just to get back to where we started?"  The answer, of course, is that you would have to make a 33% profit just to have your lost principle returned.  While the tax deferred interest paid on EE bonds may not be glamorous, it is a direct reflection of the relative related risk.  Perhaps going forward Americans may be increasingly concerned more about the return OF their principle rather than the return ON it.

If you are currently having a financial struggle or are simply looking for help creating a budget, which is something that EVERYBODY should use, free help including counseling, regarding money management following Christian principles is available through Crown Financial Ministries.  If the money you would otherwise like to use to fund ministry, is going to pay bank interest rather than doing the Lord's work, maybe it is time for a change.

Certainly for some years there has been no shortage of "investment advisors" or "financial planners" who have probably never bet two nickels worth of their own money, in a manner in which they would advise others to bet theirs.  

I would like to inspire a young couple to wonder "Honey, do you think we should buy the big fancy home in the upscale neighborhood, even though we can barely make the payments, or should we buy something more like our parents first house", without the financial pressure, and bank the savings toward the purchase of a dream home later, saving the interest that we would otherwise be sacrificing solely toward fattening the bank's wallet while hoping for capital gains.  As opposed to perhaps the more popular view that the bigger house you can squeeze in, even necessitating a variable rate mortgage or even a neg-am with a piggyback, the greater the capital gains you will reap, regardless of the real costs to your family.  Certainly "gains" have been realized through the last decade blizzard of faux money creation, but what if housing prices retrace just to values of 5 years ago?  Kids want a loving, low stress home.  They don't care how big or fancy it is unless their parents have emphasized this as being important.

Would a smaller home in a not bad neighborhood, with lesser schools, allow your wife to stay home and really mother and perhaps even home-school the kids?  Home-schooling sure worked for my family especially in regard to my kid's violin development, even while my wife and I don't play an instrument.

In regard to economic discussion, I was raised by Great Depression survivor parents who believed in the old adage that there is no such thing as a free lunch.  Visions of riches to be made, without proportionate work, are not only unchristian but are also the basis of the greedfest of the latter part of the 20th century and early 21st.  Many learned from the fall-out of the Nasdaq and dot-com bubbles breaking.  Judging by bullish market sentiment, and the housing bubble, many may not have learned this lesson yet.  

I would like for everyone to go out and start a business and be wildly successful.  Unfortunately, statistics in regard to business starts would demonstrate that this is not usually the case, even though entrepreneurial business vision and pursuit is one of the things that has always kept America out in front.  Until recent years, however, America was never composed of the average Joe family man finding comfort in the role of stock market speculator, willing to risk his retirement and even his home, led by the sirens call of stock market shills and Wall Street hucksters.  In 1929 there was certainly no shortage, but even then only about 12% of U.S. citizens were directly or indirectly involved in the stock market.  The sometimes tragic result of stock market speculation may be found as recently as the 1979 headline "Death of Equities" from Business Week magazine resulting from disappointment in the, then, "nifty fifty" and more.

In regard to politics I am sad that so many of my countrymen seem to have lost perspective of the original intent of the framers of our Constitution and are more than content to leave our Constitution's fate to a handful of activist judges.  Certainly the former Soviet Union and evermore productive Cuba demonstrate the failure of socialism, but our own slide in that direction continues unabated.  While the Democrat party has no tolerance for varied points of view, as demonstrated by the abortion issue, the Republican party has become nearly as socialist as the Democrats.  America can rally behind a third party, as evidenced in the '92 election in which Ross Perot received 19% of the vote, even with the media sinking his campaign in the final hour, causing Clinton to be elected by an unconvincing plurality.  The Constitution Party, however, best represents our Constitution and our framers intents.

The necessity to create fraudulent paper money, and credit at evermore exponential rates, in order to keep the inflationary Keynesian scheme related bubbles from breaking, is responsible for the destruction of the savings of the elderly, who saw us through WWII, and conservatives savings as well.
Some Americans view other citizen's dissatisfaction with invasive, direct, Marxist income taxes as being unpatriotic, even though we have had income taxes for less than 100 years, because they were not allowed under our constitution and it had to be amended to allow them.

My purpose is obviously not to single-handedly shut down our economy.  Reckless optimism, greed and complacency have already set us on that course.  I only hope that I can offer an, apparently minor, alternative view that "investment" in the stock market, for example, is, has always been, and will always be speculation.  Another extremely minor opinion today is that real estate can, in fact, loose value.  The fundamental reason that profits can be so high in real estate is that this investment is generally highly leveraged.  What some may learn - too late - is the fact that leverage works in two directions, when you are winning and when you are loosing.  It all boils down to the absolute rule that reward is directly proportionate to risk.  And if you have been led to believe that profits are easy to come by, you will probably later learn that they are not.

Clearly throughout this site my emphasis is also on avoiding debt.  Nobody will argue that one should avoid, especially credit card debt, like the plague.  This debt is akin to unsuccessful gambling, since the greater the debt, the greater the cost, ever increasing, in terms of not only payments, but as creditworthiness is reduced it compels an ever higher interest rate trap, and greater likelihood of subsequent default.  It works like heroin.  Just as in investment optimism, when you see that most of those around you fail to recognize, or even celebrate, the risks involved in debt, it might well be an indicator that this may indeed be the wrong time to join them.  If you have a good business model you wish to pursue it doesn't hurt to take on some debt.  If you want to buy a home that you can reasonably afford, as long as you have savings to get you through a tough spot, a mortgage may be appropriate.

On another subject, so much misery and death has been exacted at the hands of self-described "environmentalists" driving wrongheaded environmental and forest policy, from even the very beginnings of the EPA, which even in its earliest days banned DDT, in spite of the tremendous volume of evidence in its possession in support of this material.  In regard to CO2, even termites produce 10 times the CO2 of all fossil fuel burning on our planet.  Natural sources account for 29 times the production of CO2 of that produced by man.  Has the earth been warmer?  Remains of Arctic and Antarctic forests might offer a clue.

My intent with this site is purely to add an alternative point of view to hopefully make these debates a bit more two-sided than has otherwise been offered by blind partisanship, environmental zealots, Episcopal Bishops, activist judges, the U.N., and Wall Street hucksters who, I might add, have had very poor batting averages for some years now based on their forecasts.

We have the assurance of the New Testament regarding events to come.  I find it difficult to keep from laughing when I find people worrying about future destruction of some kind or another.  Didn't they know they were going to die anyway?  Apparently not....The world might stop in ten minutes; meanwhile we are to go on doing our duty.  The great thing is to be found at one's post as a child of God living each day as though it were our last, but planning as though our world might last a hundred years. - C.S. Lewis

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The clock has some fun info but it's author hasn't adjusted it in a while.
As a frame of reference when I first included this debt clock in the fall of 2003 my "family's share" was $109,000.
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