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As this House of Representatives chart shows (anchor), prior to 1994 Democrats held overwhelming control of the House for nearly the entirety of the prior 60 years beginning in 1933.  In fact ALL of the tiny portions of Republican control since then have included extremely narrow majorities by comparison.  Five years worth of historically unprecedented Democrat filibusters of Republican judicial appointments demonstrated that the Republican's majority margin was too thin to offer any real congressional power.

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During the 60 years prior to 1994 Democrats also held nearly complete, and usually overwhelming, majority control of the senate, with the exception of 6 years under Reagan during which the Senate Republicans had to contend with a huge and obstructionist Democrat majority in the House.  

Chart Data Provided by the Senate and the House.

The 2004 election merely represented the opening salvo of the Evangelical vote.  Unfortunately most Evangelicals probably don't yet realize that their real party home is the Constitution Party.
John Edwards two Americas:  Those he's sued and those he hasn't sued yet.
"Can I get me a hunting license here?" - John Kerry
I was thoroughly entertained listening to the Georgetown "enlightened" on C-Span describe why Kerry lost, or why Bush won, without their even mentioning that the Bush victory was in spite of the fantastic barrage of media bias against Bush and pro-Kerry, as well as from the horrendous amount of money raised by 501(c)(4)s, and spent to defeat Bush; 17 million from George Soros (a real looser) alone.  It should come as no surprise that much of the talk was about the way the campaign was waged.  Obviously the inside-the-beltway Georgetown style "Clintonistas" fail to understand they lost because:
1.  In the end the dems decided it was more important to blame President Bush for contamination at an English vaccine producer, than to keep an eye on our most important national goal of homeland security, even as the financial risks posed by trial lawyers like Edwards are why more vaccines aren't produced domestically.  (bookmark photos) 
For a 9-11 clock click here and scroll a little.  Photos:
2.  While the dems have never been shy about pouncing on the opportune photo-op ( and perhaps this one didn't change any swing votes,  Michael Dukakis made the same mistake, only the media didn't spike his pic, and it sank his ship.
3.  The more regularly a person attends Church the more likely they are to vote conservatively.  This is a positive for a nation, even from a secular viewpoint.  There is and will continue to be, an exponentially growing evangelical movement.  The beltway democrats still consider Evangelical Christians to be a bunch of kooks in spite of the fact that there are about 60 million of us, or about 1/5 of the U.S. population, crossing all racial and ethnic lines, but in polls the number of self-identified evangelicals runs as high as 40% while 39% say they are born again, and 21 percent say they are "charismatic or Pentecostal.".  This is a Holy Spirit filled, heart and soul-driven movement that is not going to go away - at least not until the second coming of Jesus Christ.
4.  In their analysis the "progressive" pundits invariably separated discussion of "moral issues" from abortion because they know that their party, above all else since being radicalized by the feminists, Planned Parenthood and the NEA, is BASED in abortion "rights", as demonstrated through their judicial appointee hostility, consistently demonstrating intolerence to any other point of view, and particularly a view toward the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for the unborn child, much less a consideration of the lifetime of suffering of the women, and men, who make the tragic decision to kill their child often quite spontaneously, only to be regretted for a lifetime.  The democrat party declines to be anything but an advocate for the abortion industry profiteers.  Only 15% of congressional democrats are pro-life with NONE in positions of power.  In spite of the fact that in the historic congressional elections of 1994 not a single candidate that ran on a strong pro-life platform lost while not a single candidate that ran on a strong pro-abortion platform won.  As long as the democrat party is pro-death their losses will mount.  One in three pregnancies in the U.S. are terminated in abortion.  In a recent poll taken by the Center for the Advancement of Women (president, Faye Wattleton, who headed the Planned Parenthood Federation of America for 14 years) they found that 51% of women, a new majority, are anti-abortion in all but extreme cases.  Interestingly, when I asked my sixteen-year-old daughter what percent of American women she thought were pro-abortion she said 90%.  This is a result of the liberal propagandist filth that is jammed down their throats by our trash media and so-called "educational" institutions that no longer teach them how to think but rather train them in regard to what to think.
5.  The democrat party is the worst possible so-called "advocate" for poor people, while conservative policies empower them.  Increases in the black and Hispanic republican vote in '04 clearly put progressives on notice that they are loosing control of minority voters, while conservatives are gaining appeal to them. The poorest people pay the highest price, for the cost of wacky and regressive environmental policy, taxation, minimum wage, and frivolous and wrong-headed government regulation and spendthriftness.  The entrenched 60 year democrat reign in congress and their social engineering failure has put our Republic at risk.  At the same time the democrat party is the party supported by the super-rich global capitalists.  "Those giving $200 to $999: GOP $68 million; Democrats $44 million. Those giving $1,000 to $9,999: GOP $317 million; Democrats $307 million. The "fabulously wealthy" donors of $10,000+ gave $111 million to the GOP – a whopping $29 million less than the $140 million they lavished on the Democrats! Among those who gave $100,000+, the Democrats raised $72 million – more than double the $34 million the GOP took." (Dec 18 Washington Times)
6.  The pundits further blamed some anti-gay referendums for getting out the conservative vote in those states, and without exception, automatically referred to the vast majority that is against homosexual lifestyle empowerment, through legally recognizing their marriage, as bigots.  The following from the Family Research Council.  While the progressives favor homosexual marriages they fail to address the bleak facts surrounding the self-destructive nature, as well as the relative absence of monogamy and fidelity, in homosexual relationships.  Blacks are increasingly perturbed by homosexuals suggesting that their lifestyle choice somehow equates to inherent properties such as race.  I would suggest that if homosexuals do not want to be discriminated against, they can simply act like most heterosexuals and not wear their sexuality on their sleeves.  They already have equal rights.  Some churches, like the Episcopal Church are being torn apart this issue.  
7.  The dems are so easily star-struck that they embrace most ANY Hollywood personality regardless, as displayed by Whoopie Goldberg's lewd participation at the Radio City Music Hall, what Ken Mehlman called "hatefest" (NY Daily News).  "At the fund-raiser last Thursday, which also featured other Hollywood entertainers, Goldberg made sexually explicit comments that were puns on President Bush's name." ( 7-14-04).  Writing to sponsors DOES work.
Further, 65% of Americans polled said that a Hollywood endorsement is a negative for a candidate.  I will stick my neck out and bet that conservatives, however, appreciate the "endorsement" or more accurately, participation, by conservative Hollywood figures since they are probably in a 5% minority in Hollywood, and generally represent family values.  An additional great help to republicans was to have Michael Moore and "Move on" helping to define the democrats.  The dems meanspiritedness was consistant, unprecedented and continues to increase to this day.
8.  It was easy for Americans to vote against the left wing media, and especially those like Bill Moyers of Public Television.  At least National Public Radio seems to have had a name change to Public Radio International which is certainly a more appropriate title.  Perhaps they should look to the Al Jazerra, the Palistinians, Iranians, Vietnamese, French and Cubans for funding.  Conservatives owe a debt of gratitude for the behavior of these kooks, entertaining the few that don't have cable and have been victims of the soon-to-be-formerly-referred-to-as-"mainstream" media biased trash that has discredited itself for decades.  The media's apparent efforts to damage the U.S. war effort by exaggerating the bad news and spiking any good news, in their attempt to sway public opinion against the war, as they did 30 years ago, failed and caused even more backlash by insulted Americans who have access to a free flow of information, no longer monopolized by singularly biased agendas.  I believe the election results were in part caused by voter revulsion over the mainstream media.  
9.  The pundits said that the voter didn't know Kerry, but I would suggest that knowing Kerry is what his problem was, in spite of the complicit media's efforts to hide who he really is, how he has really voted, and what he has stood for in the Senate and before.  This is why, historically, Senators have rarely been elected president.  I heard little suggestion that a reason could be that he is perhaps the most liberal/progressive senator in the senate, including Ted Kennedy.
10.  Could a reason be Kerry's having consorted with the Vietcong in France, perhaps aiding and abetting and providing comfort to our enemies during a time of war, to our POWs extreme detriment?  The Swifties who served with him sure had enough to say, as well as the POW/MIA Families Against John Kerry.  
"While Kerry was advocating for the communists in Hanoi and thereafter when he was Chairman of the Senate Select Committee for POW/MIA Affairs in Congress, an offshore subsidiary of Boston-based Colliers International got a $1 Billion exclusive contract with Hanoi to renovate the port in Vung Tau, Vietnam. Colliers also received an exclusive real estate license. Kerry is on the powerful Foreign Relations Committee. Kerry's cousin, C. Stewart Forbes, reportedly is a manager of Kerry's three "blind" trusts and is the CEO of Colliers. It was illegal to do so at that time but they got away with it by having Hanoi reward the contract to one of Collier's offshore subsidiaries."  "Communist Vietnamese honor John Kerry, the war protestor, as a hero in their victory over the United States in the Vietnam War."
Then the circumstances surrounding how he was awarded the purple hearts, that he lied about throwing over the White House fence, while compelling others to lie, probably didn't help either.
11.  Incredibly, during the debates Kerry actually suggested that the negative reaction regarding his vote in favor of the funding for Iraq, before he voted against it, was a result of the way he stated it, rather than being about how he actually voted.  Talk about disconnected!
12.  I heard no mention that the choice of also equally liberal Edwards, who some have painted as an ambulance chasing, 12-60 million dollar net worth parasitic trial lawyer, with little experience in government, who was perhaps also not perceived as "being one of us", and yet was slated to stand "one heartbeat away" from the presidency, may have had something to do with it.  "The John Edwards we know crushed [obstetrics, gynecology] and neurosurgery in North Carolina," said Dr. Craig VanDerVeer, a Charlotte neurosurgeon. "As a result, thousands of patients lost their health care."
13.  Or that the man they ran for president has lived at a lifestyle level that has depended on the good graces and fortunes of the women whom he married, rather than through wealth that he created on his own.
14.  Maybe the American people have had their fill of activist judges legislating from the bench and didn't want Kerry appointing more, perhaps starting with Hillary Clinton on the Supreme Court.
15.  Kerry voted to slash the intelligence budget after we had been repeatedly attacked by terrorists, while voting to increase funding of the U.N. by 800%, and reinforced this by requiring a "global test", that may have amounted to U.N. permission (votes) before the U.S. acts to protect our own interests.  Americans increasingly believe that we need to get out of the U.N., and I believe that if they were better informed it would be a mass movement.  We can pray that the food for oil scandal will accelerate this.
16.  The amusing part was that Kerry got a higher percentage in polls when it came to the issue of jobs and the economy, with barely a plan beyond a national health care program that we obviously could not afford.  I can only conclude that those polled, beyond being motivated by the massive negative rhetoric and barrage of unprecedented disinformation about the economy and employment, were expressing the presumed Clinton (and democrat by extension) "success", when Clinton merely happened to be in office during the blow-off, bubble, spike peak, of the greatest asset mania in the history of mankind.  Consider the formerly perceived values (and capital gains taxed sales) of,, Worldcom, JDSU, Nortel, Lucent, Enron and thousands of others to their perceived values today.  For someone to suggest that Clinton was a success by virtue of policy, would be to suggest that increasing government confiscation of investment capital, through increased income taxation, increases prosperity.
17. As long as the progressives/liberals continue to trot out the likes of Ted Kennedy to speak for their party, they will continue to shed power.
18. And finally, "N.Y. Times: Iraq Had WMD 'Stockpiles' in 2003" this article in NewsMax on March 13, 2005.  Even if you had before, would you trust any of the "mainstream" media, ever again?
I've noticed the liberals of late seem to desire to substitute the word "progressive" for "liberal", presumably because they believe their failure is in part a result of the way they have been labeled, rather than the result of the labels accurately describing what they stand for, politically and philosophically.  To quote the liberal's own Ann Richards - "You can put lipstick on a pig and call it Monique… but it's still a pig."
The Kerry "Can I get me a hunting license" quote above speaks volumes about the liberal/progressive inside-the-beltway bigotry and condescension.  Somewhat akin to Michael Moore pointing the finger at those around him and calling them stupid.  Liberal bigotry is extended toward the black community as well, since the "progressives" believe that conservative and upwardly mobile mainstream blacks necessarily be labeled "Uncle Toms", while the dems true beneficial interest is that the majority of the black community be unemployed, unhappy, and interested in little more than lewd rap music, violence and government dependence.  Some self-described "black leaders" do their best to help maintain the cycle of government dependence, via broken homes, that they've helped to cultivate since Lyndon Johnson, aided by judicial misconduct and promotion of pop-culture "Hollywood" style moral values and resultant teen pregnancy, STDs, and drug dependence aided by revolving door "prosecution" of criminal elements that are put back out on the same streets to sell more drugs and commit more crime.  Progressives choose to coddle the criminal at the expense of the victims.  
One of these self-described black leaders criticized Thresa Heinz Kerry for portraying herself as an African American (the term was Jessie Jackson's invention) to which she replied with effect, "I was born in Africa, where were you born?".   If you wonder about black and white liberal inside-the-beltway racism just look at the political "cartoons" of Condoleeza Rice and vitriol expressed in regard to her nomination as Secretary of State and you will readily find, that the greatest evil and poison in the world, for black and white liberals inside Washington, is a black conservative.  A self-sufficient, intelligent, independent, and articulate black person represents a failure of their worldview, and a conspicuous demonstration of their desperately incorrect long-held liberal beliefs, and especially a set-back in their efforts toward a continuation of a culture of black dependence.  
Does anyone really believe that if Senator Robert Byrd were a republican and the former Ku Klux Klan "Grand Kleagle" that he is, he would ever have been reelected once this was found out, even if he didn't get kicked out of office by the media the way Trent Lott did?  Instead, since he is a democrat, other Senators simply affectionately nicknamed Byrd "sheets".  And this guy compared the Republicans to Hitler!
Fortunately, thanks to pro-growth policies, today more blacks own houses and are more upwardly mobile than ever before, which was reflected by the increase in the percentage of the black republican vote in '04.  Blacks are catching on to the liberal politicians interest in keeping them dependent, by race, while these "progressive" politicians sit inside the beltway and view the citizens of this country as a bunch of yahoos when, by and large, these politicians and Georgetown academics are the ones that have never created two nickels worth of wealth, much less have ever known an honest day's work.  Just look at Edwards "concession" speech where he talked about the "fierce fight" to make it so that "blacks don't have to wonder why they are treated differently than the rest of us", and you can only wonder how this guy, some black "leaders", and their party, have remained stuck in the 1950s.
If you wonder if America made the right choice for president go see, or order the DVD "Voices of Iraq".
Bush is the first president to be elected and gain seats in both the house and senate since 1936.  Dashle is the first house "leader" to be booted out of office in 52 years.  Will the democrats understand that NOW is the time to end their mean-spiritedness and allow confirmation Bush's judicial appointments rather than further abusing the filibuster in a historically unprecedented device to avoid a simple up or down vote?  If not Bush needs to take it to the people in an immediate and extremely public fashion.  The democrat judicial appointment filibusters have been unprecedented in the history of the Republic.
It's ridiculous for the democrats, especially Ohioans, to blame Bush for Ohio's unemployment.  Ohio's lousy state government that never saw regulation that it didn't want to pass, along with an oppressive system of income and business taxation, has made it so that only a fool would choose to do business there.  If Ohioans want jobs, they need to throw out their state government, and perhaps judges, and start over.  From personal experience (about 5 years ago) their department of revenue did not even allow me carry forward loss years to take against my eventual gain years.  Given the exact same set of circumstances, the state of Georgia allowed ALL of my many prior years of losses to be taken against later gains.  Where would you do business?  I still do business in Georgia, and got the heck out of Ohio.  It would also seem that Ohio government thinks that all they have to do is squander state revenue on national TV adds to attract business!  Why should the federal government be expected to take the blame for this kind of state government mismanagement?  Now Ohio even wants to regulate Ebay users.  Will their stupidity not cease?  Who would be nuts enough to choose to live there?
 According to Harvard's Olin Institute for Strategic Studies the ratio of military men and women who describe themselves as conservative versus liberal is 23 to 1.  The ratio of military officers that define themselves as republicans is 8 to 1.  It is clear who the military trusts to support our troops and pursue our enemies.  Under Kerry uncertainty and mismanagement of our military, reenlistment would have fallen and a draft would have been necessary.  It may still be necessary under Bush because of the 40% cutbacks in military personnel accomplished under Clinton.
By direct contrast the ratio of media-elites, and those in the Hollywood culture who are democrats is over 10 to 1.  This is a gross underestimate if you include Hollywood so-called "independents".  Kerry was favored by the Arab news network Al-Jazeera, the Iranian government, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Ladin, the Syrians, North Korea's Kim Jong-il, Spanish president and terrorist appeaser Zapatero, Vietnam's despotic communist government, and especially the French and Germans, who are up to their eyeballs in corruption regarding the Iraqi "food for oil" program.  All these foreign elements expected the Johnson-Carter-Clinton-Kerry liberal doctrine of leaving attacks against us unanswered, as well as voting toward military weakness and demoralization, while appeasing and supporting our enemies, all-the-while profiteering personally.  The Chinese are surely on this list as well in light of the missile secrets handed to them by Clinton/Gore in exchange for campaign money.  Kerry suggested that he considered terrorists to be little more than nuisances.


Both Kerry and Edwards voted against the ban on partial-birth abortion.  Barack Obama even voted against a ban on live birth abortion, or infanticide.  They also favor minor children being allowed abortions without their parents consent, and voted for schools to be able to administer RU 486 without parental consent, in spite of the drug's dangers, even though schools otherwise have to contact parents to administer a simple aspirin. I am going to venture that there won't be much discussion of post-abortion trauma/syndrome involved with the school administered/approved drugs and abortions. Pro-life democrats have dwindled from about half of congressional democrats to a miniscule, and ever-shrinking, 15% of the party's congressional office holders today, with none in positions of power.  Kerry recently said he would remove limits on fetal stem cell use for research so perhaps now a new cottage industry can begin where women can get pregnant and then sell their children for dissection at stem cell centers. This must be one of the new job opportunities Kerry is talking about creating.  


It is amazing that democrats have duped so many in the minority community into supporting their party considering their undying support for organizations such as Planned Parenthood whose racist roots, and continued "success" today, was an ambition toward ethnic cleansing by reducing the "unfit" or poor population, who are generally minorities, through sterilization and today abortion. It therefore should have been no surprise that the overwhelming uniting force at the Dem Convention, besides abortion, was most commonly defined without hesitation by attendees and their media, unashamedly, as unity through hatred.  

Even more amazing was the fact that the vast majority of comments did not refer to hatred of Bush policies or actions, but rather hatred of George Bush personally.  Thankfully they wore their hearts conspicuously on their sleeves, but I was perplexed by what could be so hateable about George Bush, the man.  He seems like a regular guy  and when he speaks to groups he sounds like a friend chatting personally.  His demeanor has been steady as a rock in the face of an avalanche of radical, false, unbridled and unprincipled criticism.  He always stands on principle instead of polls.  Is this their problem?  Principle replacing the vacuum that the Clintons left behind at the White House?  He was never able to conform to the dems, always backwards, expectations of being inept, stupid etc. (backwards as demonstrated by their own Johnson, McGovern, Carter, Gore, Dukakis, Ducacus, Kerry and the like).  

The most telling thing I have ever heard dems and their media say about their own elected officials is that they were "brilliant politicians" which today is tantamount to calling them excellent serial liars. However, I think the dems hatred was rooted more deeply than in Bush's success and subsequent democrat disappointment over the freedom and self-determination that is being won for the Iraqi people.  I believe that the democrats understand better than anyone that they have backed themselves into a corner that is so immoral and unprincipled (verbally articulated by some brave dems like Zell Miller), and by now perhaps most of them also know full well that their thinly veiled efforts to increase dependence on government by keeping down the least able among us, while working overtime toward promoting the killing of the most helpless among us through abortion, while inviting welfare illegals status toward the dem vote, at the expense of would-be legal immigrants that have worked hard toward citizenship, that they feel trapped and ashamed.  


Further, since 1988 the dems tiny intolerant tent has not allowed a single pro-life speaker to address their conventions.  Since pro-life democrats have dwindled to 15% of the party's congressional office holders, with none in positions of power, it might be said that each and every democrat voter is perhaps more guilty than the abortionist himself, because without their vote the abortionist would not have a job.  


A great read is "Reckless Disregard", written by Lt. Col. Robert "Buzz" Patterson, who was raised in a Southern conservative Democrat military household, and had a distinguished military career, which included carrying the nuclear briefcase, or "football", for President Clinton.  Anyone with doubts about another Bush presidency should read this book.


 One reason that some in the military did not trust Kerry is that, according to Lt. Col. Robert "Buzz" Patterson in 'Reckless Disregard', "In a move akin to naming the Libyan delegation to the United Nations to chair the Council on Human Rights, Kerry was selected to chair the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs in 1992 in order to investigate the reams of evidence of American prisoners not returned from Vietnam.  Colonel Millard Peck, head of the Pentagon's POW/MIA office resigned in disgust after 8 months.  He wrote, "The mind-set to 'debunk' is alive and well.  It is held at all levels...The sad fact is that...a cover up may be in progress.  The entire charade does not appear to be an honest effort and may never have been.'"
Also from 'Reckless Disregard' (RD) - "Senator Kerry had another agenda, however.  He wanted to clear all the impediments for normalizing relations with Vietnam."  "Kerry refused to interview key witnesses and ordered committee staff to shred important intelligence documents.  The shredding stopped only when some staffers protested.  "Sen. John Kerry had 120 boxes of potentially explosive National Security Agency files reclassified before Senate POW/MIA investigators could study them."  "The committee's final report, issued in January of 1993, officially closed the issue for Congress."  "Shortly after, Vietnam announced it had granted a large real estate contract to Colliers International, based in Boston.  The 905 million dollar contract was for a massive modernizing of Vietnam's ports, railroads, and other infrastructure.  Colliers International's CEO, C. Stewart Forbes, is John Forbes Kerry's cousin."  Kerry left our POWs hanging out to dry.

Here is a link to a search regarding Kerry's sleazy sell-out of our missing soldiers.  To add insult to injury in 1992, before Kerry sold out the POWs, two of only a few pieces of legislation that Kerry ever authored that passed, in his entire Senate career were:  
A Joint Resolution Designating November 13, 1992, As “Vietnam Veterans Memorial 10th Anniversary Day.”  AND:  A Joint Resolution Designating September 18, 1992, As “National POW/MIA Recognition Day,” And Authorizing Display Of The National League Of Families POW/MIA Flag.  

If you are still sad about the Kerry loss check out the Swiftie site and it might help you get over it.


Where does Kerry stand on national intelligence?  From 'Reckless Disregard', In a Feb. 1971 interview for the "Harvard Crimson" Kerry said, "I'm an internationalist," "I'd like to see our troops dispersed through the world only at the directive of the United Nations." "At a time when his country was enduring terrorist attack upon terrorist attack overseas, Kerry voted to cut funding for the FBI by 60%, to reduce funding for the CIA by 80%, and to slash funding for the National Security Agency by 80%.  He did vote, however, to increase funding to the United nations by 800%."  It shouldn't be any wonder that John Kerry would seek a "global test" in order to get permission to protect U.S. interests, presumably administered by the U.N. via despots like Fidel Castro, Kadafi and Arafat.  In 1997 he asked a colleague "Now that [the cold war] struggle is over, why is it that our vast intelligence apparatus continues to grow?" but "Soon after the attacks of September 11, 2001, Kerry directed blame at the White House and the intelligence agencies."  And then on Face the Nation he said "at the moment, the single most important weapon for the United States of America is intelligence.  It's the single most important weapon in this particular war."
Senator John Kerry in 1993 on $130,345 of income, managed to give $175 to charity and in 1991 and 1995 $0.  If you wonder how to qualify a "public servant", find out how much they have personally helped the public.   It should be no surprise then that over the last 20 years Kerry has voted for tax increases 360+ times averaging about one every three weeks (source Cheney on TV).  What kind of philanthropic charity gestures did the Heinz heiress (surviving wife) aspiring First Lady Theresa Kerry get involved in?  "a document on the Heinz Endowments web site itemizes its own donations to the Tides Foundation and the Tides center, which total $8,116,000 between 1994 and 2004."  One of Kerry's much lauded contributions is considered to be his aid in normalization of relations with Viet Nam, which is tantamount to offering U.S. aid and support to keep afloat an oppressive communist government, at the expense of hard working Americans (catfish farmers for one) here at home.  In the 90s he hung the Vietnam POWs out to dry in exchange for his cousin getting a 90 million contract to modernize the port in Vietnam.  Good going Hanoi John!


The U.N., of course, is responsible for funding terrorism through the Iraqi "Food for Oil" program along with corrupt French and German corporations perhaps to the highest levels of government.  What would the advantages and disadvantages of a Kerry presidency have been?


Clinton left every terrorist attack against the U.S. for 8 years unanswered while engaging in one military misadventure after another. When he did finally react it appeared to be to divert attention away from his and Monica's testimony in regard to his philandering, and so he bombed a Sudanese aspirin factory as well as a candy factory.  


Carter trashed our military and it took Reagan and Bush Sr. 12 years to rebuild it.  Thankfully during this period Kerry's consistent anti-military votes were usually found in the minority even in the democrat controlled Senate.  Bush Jr. was stuck in the same position as Reagan with a demoralized, dysfunctional military and did an excellent job of beginning a rebuild as well as winning back the trust and respect of our armed service personnel, so damaged under Clinton. In 1990 defense spending was 30% of our annual federal budget.  By 2000 it was 15% and the lowest funding level to GDP since the Great Depression. Clinton slashed 700,000 active duty military members and 293,000 reservists (a 40% reduction) also demoralizing it through his poorly conceived and failed military misadventures and additionally through homosexual and female political correctness.  How many more American female soldiers are we going to need to see raped by our enemies before rethinking this?   Al Gore touted his "reinventing government" that eliminated 305,000 civilian employees from the federal payroll.  What he didn't advertise was that 286,000 of these were from the Department of Defense. Liberals fail to understand that when they force out quality military personnel it takes 10 to 20 years to train men to top military positions as well as to  develop weapons systems.  Did we really want to hand our military back to liberals who would, absolutely without question, trash it again?  Hardly a single person in government demonstrated, hands on, a greater willingness to destroy our military more than Kerry, which is proven through his Senate voting record.


So did I vote with the dedicated, hard working men and women of the military who lay down their lives daily for my country, supported by the Prime Minister of Iraq, or did I or did I lend my support to and vote with such luminary liberals as Dan Rather, Alec Baldwin, James Carville, Al Sharpton and Michael Moore, along with Castro, Osama Bin Laden, the communist Vietnamese Government, the French, and virtually every communist dictator on earth?  The choice for me was simple.  Just look at Clinton's hit, fail, then cut-and-run in Mogadishu, or Kerry's selling out our POWs for his cousin's profit while joining the rest of the Carter-Clinton-Kerry democrats in their never ending war against our military, as opposed to against our enemies. Nor did I vote with Kim Jong-il who, amazingly, shoots a golf game of 38 under par with a routine 3 or 4 holes-in-one per round.  He is perhaps a graduate of the Michael Moore/Dan Rather school of candor. It seems that as soon as CBS regains last place in the ratings, instead of a distant last place, Dan Rather goes and steps in it again.  Dan Rather, or "The Don" as Bernie Goldberg calls him in his book "Bias", has probably cost his network billions with his hateful, obsessive, moronic, and totally unhinged antics, and amazingly they still didn't give him the boot.  Finally, it appears they allowed him to give himself the boot.  I am a little sorry that they did because periodically he smack's even the slowest and leftist of Americans in the face with a conspicuous demonstration of the extent of mainstream media liberal bias.  This bias exists in nearly every piece written by the mainstream media normally, but many of us are so overexposed to it that it often goes without notice.  Thanks for the lessons Dan!


 Bush was required to accumulate a minimum of 50 points per year to meet his National Guard obligation.  He earned 253 points his first year (fiscal), 340 the next, 137 his next year, and 112 points in 1971-1972.  “In 1972, there was an enormous glut of pilots,” Campenni says. “The Vietnam War was winding down, and the Air Force was putting pilots in desk jobs. In ’72 or ’73, if you were a pilot, active or Guard, and you had an obligation and wanted to get out, no problem. In fact, you were helping them solve their problem.”
Then, in 1973, as Bush made plans to leave the Guard and go to Harvard Business School, he again started showing up frequently.
In June and July of 1973, he accumulated 56 points, enough to meet the minimum requirement for the 1973-1974 year.
Then, at his request, he was given permission to go. Bush received an honorable discharge after serving five years, four months and five days of his original six-year commitment. By that time, however, he had accumulated enough points in each year to cover six years of service. (Source  Actually he had accumulated 3 times the points needed.

 "While John Kerry was calling himself and his military brothers "war criminals" and playing footsie with Jane Fonda, George W. Bush was flying supersonic F-102 fighter aircraft and answering 3:00a.m. alerts in order to keep our skies clear of potential Soviet bombers."  "Bush finished in the top 5 percent of his pilot training class." (From Reckless Disregard)


According to Steve Pitkin's affadavit regarding Kerry, "8. During the Winter Soldier Investigation, John Kerry and other leaders of that event pressured me to testify about American war crimes, despite my repeated statements that I could not honestly do so. One event leader strongly implied that I would not be provided transportation back to my home in Baltimore, Maryland, if I failed to comply.  Kerry and other leaders of the event instructed me to publicly state that I had witnessed incidents of rape, brutality, atrocities and racism, knowing that such statements would necessarily be untrue."


 Look at just the first of Kerry's 3 purple hearts that got him out of Vietnam after just 4 months "in country".  Everyone involved attested that there was no enemy fire, a prerequisite for a Purple Heart.  Kerry received a small sliver in his arm.  Louis Letson the treating doctor described the sliver as a "squiggly" one-eighth-inch metal shard, 1-cm long x 2 or 3-mm in diameter and was imbedded in his arm about 3 or 4-mm.  The doctor removed it with forceps and treated it with a Band-Aid.  Lt. Com. Grant Hibbard rejected Kerry's request for a purple heart because there was no enemy fire.  While Kerry said they were taking small arms fire from shore, the other 2 occupants in the Whaler type boat said they were not, and that in the unilateral attack Kerry had fired a mortar round at shore, and too close to their boat, and the fragment may have ricocheted off of the rocks [If Kerry didn't pull it out of his pocket and install it himself.].  Kerry was transferred to Coastal Division 11 and applied for the purple heart again under his new commander, who inquired with Hibbard.  Hibbard, in the process of being reassigned himself, thinks he might have approved the award in a hurried process.  If so, "it was to my chagrin," Hibbard remembers, "Obviously, he got it, I don't know how."  (From "Reckless Disregard")
And Where does Kerry stand on the war in Iraq (click real player)?
Given military conservatism it's no wonder that in 2000 Al Gore wanted to void military absentee ballots on the fraudulent basis that they didn't have postmarks, that in fact are not required.


In the 70s Kerry testified that the communists in Vietnam would not be a threat with an immediate U.S. pullout, and we would need to relocate at most 3000 Vietnamese in order to save their lives.  Instead over 2.5 million people were killed by communist regimes in Vietnam, Loas and Cambodia.  Kerry was the "Field Marshall General" of the anti-war protesters in the U.S. obsessed with our immediate withdrawal with dishonor.  Perhaps nobody was more responsible than Kerry, with his Senate testimony lies, and those of other liars, many of whom were never even in Vietnam, who testified to atrocities.  How many thousands of Iraqis were killed when the U.N. kept us from finishing the job in 1992?  How many would Kerry have killed with a cowardly withdrawal aimed at appeasing those in Congress like Kennedy, Schumer, Clinton and their ilk, that have been perpetually at war with our military, as opposed to at war with our enemies?  Did we really want to fight this war in New York City?


As far as comparing our presence in Iraq to Vietnam, I don't remember the Vietnamese attacking and killing 3,000 U.S. citizens on our soil, while causing billions of dollars in damage, and still maintaining a troop strength of thousands on our soil today, that are planning the next assault.  Our new foe has stated that it is committed to fighting this war until all U.S. citizens are either converted to Islam or dead.  Absurdly this same enemy stated that they are at war with democracy, after the Iraqi people voted in an act of self-determination.


"Cash and Kerry "Told that Liu was interested in getting one of her companies listed on the U.S. Stock Exchange, Kerry's aides immediately faxed over a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The next day, Liu and Chung were ushered into a private briefing with a senior SEC official. Within weeks, Chung returned the favor: On Sept. 9 he threw Kerry a fund-raiser at a Beverly Hills hotel, raking in $10,000 for the senator's re-election campaign."


Americans tired of the mainstream media's politics of hatred perhaps didn't look forward to the prospects of a John Kerry puppet with a George Soros puppet-master.  Or maybe they understood that the democrat party is the party of enemy appeasement and U.S. military destruction.  There were only 4 senators in the entire senate that voted in favor of going into Iraq and then voted against funding it.  John Kerry and John Edwards were 2 of the 4.  


"Buzz" Patterson was at a Clinton Presidential Daily Briefing that described how the Filipino police had cracked Operation Bojinka ("loud bang" in Serbo-Croatian), an al-Queda plot to employ commercial airliners as weapons.  That was in 1996.  The Clinton administration had four years to act on this intelligence.  Thanks to the democrat party's decades of hostility towards the CIA and FBI (since Nixon) our intelligence operations were rendered toothless and legally restricted from sharing information, nor was this information passed on to the Bush administration by the Clinton administration.


The media vilified a real flyer, George Bush, for landing on a carrier and being comfortable in a flight jump suit that he was used to wearing, while being enthusiastically received by the ship's crew, but they never criticized Clinton for wearing a flight jacket, when he was not only never in the cockpit of a plane, but was a draft dodger as well.  Meanwhile naval reservist Kerry may be made of the same stuff as his convention video.  "Kerry would revisit ambush locations for reenacting combat scenes where he would portray the hero, catching it all on film.  Kerry would take movies of himself walking around in combat gear, sometimes dressed as an infantryman walking resolutely through the terrain.  He even filmed mock interviews of himself narrating his exploits.  A joke circulated among Swiftees was that Kerry left Vietnam early not because he received three Purple Hearts, but because he had recorded enough film of himself to take home for his planned political campaigns." (Drudge)

Posted August, 2004

Good vs. Bad


I'm trying to get all this political stuff straightened out in my head so I'll know how to vote come November.
Right now, we have one guy saying one thing. Then the other guy says something else. Who to believe. Lemme see. have I got this straight?
.....Clinton awards Halliburton no-bid contract in Yugoslavia - good...
Bush awards Halliburton no-bid contract in Iraq - bad...
.....Clinton spends 77 billion on war in Serbia - good...
Bush spends 87 billion in Iraq - bad...
.....Clinton imposes regime change in Serbia - good...
Bush imposes regime change in Iraq - bad...
.....Clinton bombs Christian Serbs on behalf of Muslim Albanian terrorists - good...
Bush liberates 25 million from a genocidal dictator -- bad...
.....Clinton bombs Chinese embassy -- good...
Bush bombs terrorist camps -- bad...
.....Clinton commits felonies while in office -- good...
Bush lands on aircraft carrier in jumpsuit -- bad...
.....Clinton says mass graves in Serbia - good...
Entire world says WMD in Iraq - bad...
.....No mass graves found in Serbia - good...
No WMD found Iraq - bad...
.....Stock market crashes in 2000 under Clinton - good...
Economy on upswing under Bush - bad...
.....Clinton refuses to take custody of Bin Laden - good...
World Trade Centers fall under Bush - bad...
.....Clinton says Saddam has nukes -- good...
Bush says Saddam has nukes -- bad...
.....Clinton calls for regime change in Iraq - good...
Bush imposes regime change in Iraq - bad...
.....Terrorist training in Afghanistan under Clinton - good...
Bush destroys training camps in Afghanistan - bad...
.....Milosevic not yet convicted -- good...
Saddam turned over for trial -- bad...
.....Ahh, it's so confusing!
The preceding is from the Liddy file


.....When Kerry and his party chose to make Kerry's 4 month 12 day "in country" naval reserve service in Viet Nam the centerpiece of his campaign they removed any boundaries regarding inspection thereof, including his involvement in war crimes.
 ....."Kerry Confesses to War Crimes."  An audio clip in his own words at the left side of this link page.  Since Kerry has recanted his accusations that he had personal knowledge that these acts were committed by others, or that they were widespread, this leaves him standing alone and naked for self-defense.  It seems that we are left with the understanding that he is the only war criminal he knows.  
..... Although John Kerry denied it, he did in fact Call Vietnam Vets Baby Killers.   Scroll down to SEE VIDEO (at left side of link page) -   
.....The swift boat veteran issue is so much bigger than Kerry's campaign and the liberal media damage control machine that it made me wonder if Hillary wasn't financing it.
....."Kerry's war journal contradicts medal claim.  At least 9 days after the Purple Heart, he wrote he had not 'been shot at yet'."
.....Naval reservist Kerry led members of the VVAW in a protest in march 1971 where Kerry purportedly threw his own medals over a makeshift fence high onto the steps of the Capitol.  When questioned by the Washington Post Kerry said, "They're my medals.  I'll do what I want to with them.  And there shouldn't be any expectations about them." In a speech immediately following the event Kerry said, "The administration forced us to return our medals."  "I gave back, I can't remember, six, seven, eight, nine medals," he later said in an interview on a Washington D.C. news program called Viewpoints, which aired on November 6, 1971. When he was asked by the interviewer if he gave back his Bronze Star, Silver Star, and three Purple Hearts, he replied, "Well , and above that, [I] gave back the others." (from Reckless Disregard).  Don't expect to see this tape on democrat propaganda/disinformation machines like ABC, CBS, NBC or CNN who use democrat campaign workers like Carville and Begala as talk show hosts.
.....This from an email regarding Kerry military involvement.
....." Newspaper accounts described Kerry throwing his own medals, and in a speech immediately afterward to the veterans, Kerry said: ‘This administration forced us to return our medals...These leaders denied us the integrity those symbols supposedly gave our lives.'" "But the medals Kerry threw were not his own.
Years later, a reporter noticed the Purple Hearts on display on the wall of Sen. Kerry's office. The medals he threw away weren't his but belonged to two other veterans who had entrusted them to Kerry to make a statement with. He told The Globe the two sets of medals he threw had been handed to him by a wounded veteran in a New York VA hospital and by a World War II veteran from Massachusetts that he had met at a fundraiser. He couldn't remember their names.
So Kerry made himself look righteous by disposing of something someone else had earned. The perfect liberal."
.....What about John Kerry's 4 month, 12 day (which includes 1 month training) Naval reserve Viet Nam military record?
.....Here is the site for the Vietnam Veterans Against "Hanoi" John Kerry.


I believe that the hatred for George Bush was simply a manifestation of the dems own misplaced, mutual and unified self-loathing.  Further, because of the democrat constant mantra to separate God from our State along with their 85% support for abortion, while promoting U.N. earth worship and the environment at the expense of the poor, along with endorsing homosexuality as a normal lifestyle, perhaps they have been given somewhat reprobate minds (Romans 1:22-32). Here's Zell on Clinton terrorism.  It must certainly be clear to many dems by now that liberal sponsored, failed, wacky environmental policies are what are increasingly behind the destruction of our national forests by fire, and the squanderous results toward accomplishing other unnecessary environmental policy and regulation have further impoverished the poorest and least-able among us through increased government and environmental NGO parasitism, direct and indirect, of hard-working Americans. One of their presidents (Carter) handed the Panama Canal, ultimately, to the communist Chinese army via Hutchison Whampoa, and yet another (Clinton) blew up a Sudanese aspirin factory apparently to deflect attention away from his philandering, which was certainly no help toward improving Arab perception of the U.S..


From the "belly of the beast" (Planned Parenthood) "Research studies indicate that emotional responses to legally induced abortion are largely positive. They also indicate that emotional problems resulting from abortion are rare and less frequent than those following childbirth (Adler, 1989)."  Apparently they haven't read the testimonies of women who are suffering a lifetime of guilt.


The vast majority of democrat politicians have never created employment or two nickels worth of wealth and therefore have no understanding of the government's role, and today they have become so out of touch that they are running the first and forth most liberal senators (one even from Mass!) in the history of the republic. To top it off Kerry made his money by marrying wealthy heiresses and Edwards banked 150 million dollars by parasitizing the wealth that other people create and now suggests he can fix health care, when he and his ilk are what have broken it. The party is larded with trial lawyers.  The better life becomes for the Iraqis the more self-hatred the dems must feel.  Each new positive economic report perhaps increases their self-loathing.  Now the last thing they had to carp about, and apparently the only thing they have left to run on, is the lack of WMD in Iraq, even though we all know that Sadam killed at least hundreds of thousands with chemical weapons, and even as we watched Kadafi hand over tons of chemical and biological weapons as well as his entire nuclear program knowing that he was on the short list of next targets, of an America unfettered by the U.N., as it was in  1992. However, I really believe that what that the dems hate the most is the fact that the republicans stole the Marxist planks of their platform which left them adrift and rudderless.  

Here's a bit about another of the democrats finest, Barney Frank.


It would be a real education for the average American to get a look at the media-spiked and now secret tape of the lewd fundraising hatefest at Radio City Music Hall, addressed by Whoopie and other Hollywood and extreme libs and encouraged by Kerry and Edwards, as it certainly spoke additional volumes as to how Kerry and Edward's values compare with the average American's.  This blind hatred was so conspicuous and extreme, and yet so uncriticized, that I can only presume it was a component of the warm-up toward an End-Time Scenario.  It pays to write to sponsors of people who conduct themselves in the sleazy fashion that Whoopie did because Slim Fast fired her from doing their commercials and other companies going forward will probably identify her as being a pariah.


And this just in from the Daily Reckoning:  "In the Indian press, there was only one article about the Democratic National Convention: it seems there aren't enough call girls in Boston to satisfy the delegates. It was necessary to bring in extras from Florida and California. The rates begin at $200 an hour...this was in a Reuters dispatch. Did it appear in the American press?"  And so it goes. This harkens back to Watergate where the purpose of the break-in by Liddy and the plumbers was to accumulate evidence of picture-catalogued call-girls being offered directly out of the DNC offices.


In 2000 I voted my principles, and those of our forefathers, and cast a vote for Howard Phillips and the Constitution Party.  This time around, because of my new relationship with my creator, I voted to most effectively vote against the party that enshrines and promotes the the killing of unborn children.  When the election of 2000 became so close I did wonder if my vote for Phillips was going to enable the democrats to kill millions more children than would otherwise have been killed under a republican administration.  In the end I voted for Bush because my country is at war and it was essential to elect who our troops overwhelmingly favored, as they are the ones at risk.


Perhaps Edwards was right when he said that we live in two Americas, however it might be better characterized as one America where hard working Americans have to pay a large portion of their income out to insurance companies to protect their health and property, and the other America where ambulance chasing trial lawyers like Edwards gains a net worth of 12 million to 60 million (yea right!) by parasitizing the wealth that others create, taken in part from the medical community and in part from the insurance companies that Americans pay those otherwise unnecessarily high insurance premiums to.  In Florida we voted to seriously handicap trial lawyers from confiscating the lion's share of injury settlements.


"A lie told often enough becomes the truth." - Vladimir Lenin -  This would seem to be the motto of the New York Times and all of the papers that are lackey parrots of theirs as well.  So much lying and so much hatred.  So much false witness and so much judgment to be exacted.  Perhaps one positive out of a democrat administration would have been that the newspapers would be reporting the good news from Iraq instead of doing everything in their power to effect US failure as they were pre-election.
I must admit I was rather amused watching the 2004 political season.  The Republicans have become so Marxist over the years that they have stolen the liberal left ground formerly occupied by the Democrats, and now the Dems are forced to go way out into left-wing wackyville!  Not that leftists like Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Daschle, Schumer etc. weren't there already.  The rest of the Dems were just forced to join them.  Even the Republican party platform of 1992 was more socialist than the socialist party platform of just 30 years before.  
To briefly touch on the subject it seems odd to me that a large number of politicians and pundits including some pseudo-conservatives state their favor of homosexual civil unions but not for homosexual marriage.  Isn't this backwards?  Wouldn't it be more harmless (setting aside their relationship with their creator) to let them marry in ceremony but to not let them enjoy any of the civil rights that a married man and woman have?  Wouldn't homosexual marital civil rights necessarily mean that the State could not legally stop 2 homosexual men from adopting an 8 year old boy?  What is stopping two homosexuals from entering into a legal contract with each other today, in order to confer on each other rights to each other's property etc.?  Why does this need to be codified?

Hillary must be livid about the prospects of waiting 4, 8, 12, or even 16 years to run in spite of her history that will surely follow in terms of Vince Foster or Ron Brown.  Hillary will also have to answer questions regarding her efforts toward empowering trial lawyers by championing 12 year old children's rights to sue their parents, etc.  If you want to predict the 08 election results follow the money and watch the chart of M3 to see if the Fed does the same thing with the money supply that it did to George Bush Sr..  Hillary and her cronies would enter office in control of the new powers that the neo-cons have bestowed on the executive branch, allowing her presidency to legally be quite Hitleresque.  She could declare anything to be an emergency, including merely a sagging economy, or a "health care crisis" which would give her nearly absolute dictatorial power.  Here's more on our would-be next President and her First "Gentleman".  This duo is amazing.  We only have to remember back 10 years to "HillaryCare" to find that, according to the link, she favored a $50,000 fine, confiscation of property, and a sentence as long as life in prison, for doctors simply practicing medicine privately, outside of her system.  Is this the kind of government/health care that you want?  More on Hillary politics.  What ever happened to Ron Brown and Vince Foster anyway?
How about Hillary fundraising?
What role did Bill Clinton play regarding the 9-11 attacks?


What point would there be in reading an unverifiable book, written by a demonstrated serial liar, who is writing about himself?  Am I missing something?  As if that's not enough I understand that Clinton actually believes that his impeachment and his lying before a grand jury, instead of being perhaps the most disgusting, sickening and yet comical public spectacle in the history of the presidency, is his badge of courage!  Who would read a book written by a draft-dodger that would define courage this way?  Perhaps readers are simply curious as to whether he ever figured out what the definition of the word "is" is.  As far as I can tell Clinton's most significant contribution to our country is that today teenagers (and pre-teens) do not believe that oral sex is really having sex, and become so engaged even in buses going to and from school, with the subsequent explosion in herpes, HPV, esophageal gonorrhea, and other STDs.  


.....Here's something that might get republicans a little upset.  If you do a search of key words - miserable failure - on the following search engines Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, Dogpile and MSN the first ranking, or near it is the Bush autobiography.  This was done through a device known as a "google bomb".  


Anybody that doesn't think we are in trouble with electronic voting machines is not too informed.

Is your representative voting the way that you think he/she should?  Click here to get their voting record.
On 12-8-03 candidate Kerry decided to court the 18 to 21 year old lewd and licentious vote by casually invoking the F word during a Rolling Stone interview.  Today also found Gore backing Dean.  Would you want the backing of a guy that in one year reported income of around $500,000 and had charitable deductions of around $350?

California has often given the U.S. a glimpse into our future since trends often begin out there.

California elections and voter ignorance regarding Bustamante.